Dressing Kinky

I have always been a bit of a quirky dresser, and this started a long time before I joined London escorts. My mom has always been really into fancy dress, so dressing up, or playing dress up, has always been part of my life. But I have to admit that it has never been an obsession. Well, that was before I joined London escorts, and discovered PVC. One of the girls that I work with at London escorts has all of these really amazing PVC outfits, and I am afraid that her obsession became my obsession as well. Now I am totally nuts about PVC and I wear it as often as I can.

Most of the girls here at London escorts do have an obsession or two, and perhaps this is why they work for London escorts. I have never been into obsessions before but now I certainly am. Like my girlfriends at London escorts know, I cannot stop buying PVC outfits and I have a ton of them in my wardrobe. I just love the way PVC feels against my skin, and I love the fact it makes me feel really sensual. My boyfriend likes me outfits as well.

Some of my dates at London escorts think it is a bit weird that I am always dressed in PVC. My regular gents do know that I have fetish about PVC and just can’t stay away from my little treasure trove of outfits that I have bought especially for London escorts. The truth is that a lot of the girls can relate to my PVC fetish and many of them are getting into it as well. Sometimes when we go out for the evening we all dress up in our PVC outfits just to freak some people out. I can look kind of scary in my outfits.

I would like to curve my habit but it is not easy. Like my girlfriends at  charlotte London escorts know, it is probably my only serious fetish. I do have some other fetishes as well, and they also relate to dressing up. For instance, as I am rather petite, I do look really good as Snow White or Cinderella. Yes, I do have both outfits hanging in my London escorts wardrobe and they often come out to play when I am in the mood. It is not that I have a real fetish about them, I just kind of like them.

Perhaps having a few fetishes comes with the territory when you work for London escorts. I don’t mind saying that at all. Many of us girls here at London escorts like to share our fetishes with each other, and if our dates are lucky, we may even share our secret dreams and desires with them. I have a couple of gents who really do appreciate my habit of dressing up and assuming new and exciting personalities whenever they come to see me. So, if you would like to meet Cat Woman in her PVC outfit, maybe you would like to come and see me…