Sexy Costumes For A Fun Dress Up Ordeal!

At some point or another, the flame of our sex lives lowers to just smoking embers. You can keep that flame roaring by introducing something different in the bedroom. Roleplaying is one of the most popular fetishes that can really spice things up. When roleplaying, it’s important to keep it as realistic as you can. Costumes really help in that department. No matter what your fantasy is there’s a costume out there for you.

The sexy French maid is a classic role to play out. There’s something sexy and seductive about a woman there to service a man. The fun thing about this role-play is you don’t have to play the same role twice. Get into character and decide who you want to be. Are you the innocent, shy maid being pursued? Or you can be a confident, demanding maid that will not stand for a dirty house, giving out spankings as punishment. Whatever role you play out, find a costume that makes you feel as amazing as you look.

Another costume that really gets their blood pumping is the sexy cop. One thing is for sure, there’s definitely something hot about being bad. To pull this role-play off, you need to be confident about your authority. Don’t be afraid to be a little rough. Slap the handcuffs on and secure your suspect. Bed posts are handy in that way. When playing this role out, be creative about where it goes. Maybe you dominate him and show him who’s boss. Maybe he gets the better of you and you find yourself in handcuffs instead. Either way finding a good costume will go a long way to making his fantasy a reality.

For some people, nothing is hotter than a roll in the hay with a sexy farm girl. A farm girl knows how to get dirty and she’s not afraid to do so. This costume can be made easily with just some daisy dukes and a tied up plaid shirt. Play the innocent farm girl out in the middle of nowhere. Sure you can wrangle cattle but you need someone there when you get lonely. He can play your strong man that pulls you into the barn and cools you down. Keep this fantasy real by lighting candles and keeping the windows open. Or go out into the country and get it on in a field.

When finding costumes for your role-play, don’t forget accessories! It can make all the difference when creating a fantasy. Handcuffs, feather dusters or a riding crop can enhance the experience and really bring your chosen costumes to life.