Chinese New Year – Using Chopsticks to Impress!

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Chopsticks and other Chinese New Year party tablewares from Karnival Costumes the party specialistsWe all love Chinese food, whether a take-away in front of the TV or something more formal like the banquet you might be entertained with during the Chinese New Celebrations. And for most of us we settle for using spoon and fork rather than attempt to master the art oif using chopsticks, those fiendish implements created by Weight Watchers! Well shame on all of us. In this simple infographic, we've boiled down the techniques of using chopsticks into four basic steps which all of us should be able to cope with. So when you're planning your next Chinese costume party, have a copy of this by the side of your plate and let's get everyone eating again rather than letting the food get cold and throwing most of it will end up back on the plate or all over the tablecloth!

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