80s Fancy Dress Costumes

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A few years ago the 80s were a decade that people tried hard to forget and had you suggested holding an 80s costume party you would have been met with laughter. Now that a suitable period of time has elapsed, we now look back on the 80s with a sense of nostalgia. 80s fashions have made a comeback, 80s movies are being remade and 80s trends are influencing today's clothes, music and styles. As a result of all of this, the 80s have become cool again, and 80s fancy dress costume parties are one of the hottest themes to choose from.

A Very Happy Birthday Your Majesty

All around Great Britain the stops are being pulled out to create a 90-minute multimedia event commemorating the 90th birthday of our Majesty the Queen. Both at Windsor Castle located just outside London and around the world, thousands will take part in the retrospective of her life and over 60 years on the throne. God bless her!

Infographic on St George’s Day

As we all ready ourselves for our costume parties and parades that we associate with St George's Day, and although we don't want to spoil the day, here's five things that we all consider to be English but which did not in-fact originate here …and they will shock you! It doesn't matter though as we're good with dogs, we have a liking for warm beer and we're the world's worst penalty takers (fact) – but who cares? We're proud to be English!

Why is St George’s Day Celebration in England so Muted?

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St George fancy dress costume for April 23rdSt George's Day in England on April 23rd is the National Day of the English, but why is it not celebrated with as much ferver as, say, St Patrick's Day with the Irish? St George may be the patron saint of England, despite the fact that he was born overseas and there is question that he was ever in England but why so few parades, school events and costume parties? Let's take a look at some reasons – and we all know what we can do about it, Be Proud and Party On!

Quick and Easy Easter Crafts for your little ones

From gorgeous Easter crowns to cute places to grow your salad cress, we have some simple and quick to assemble, Easter crafts for your kids right here. So if the weather beats you back inside this Easter stop your youngsters getting bored and keep amused with these easy to arrange Easter crafting ideas. And when the weather improves, you’ll have plenty of decorations for you’ll be sure to impress the Easter Bunny with your collection of Easter decorations.

Easter Egg Colouring ideas for families

For all of us Easter is a magical time, and one of the most recognisable symbols of the time comes in the shape of the Egg. Since pagan times there has been a tradition of brightly colouring eggs and for many it’s a firm family tradition. So whether it’s something your already do as a family or you’re simply looking for an easy to do fun activity with the children, why not create your own Easter decorations this year; here’s a few simple ideas on creating your own coloured Easter Eggs.

Easter egg hunt ideas for families

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Simple ideas for your own Easter Egg Hunt from Karnival CostumesCreate wonderful family memories with your own Easter Egg Hunt. Easter is an exciting time for children of all ages and one of the highlights of the Easter weekend is the hunting down of the treats left by the Easter Bunny, chocolate or otherwise! A joy for all the ages, with a little thought  and planning, you’ll easily be able to create your own and who knows an Easter Egg Hunt may become one of your family traditions as well!

Chinese New Year – Using Chopsticks to Impress!

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Chopsticks and other Chinese New Year party tablewares from Karnival Costumes the party specialistsWe all love Chinese food, whether a take-away in front of the TV or something more formal like the banquet you might be entertained with during the Chinese New Celebrations. And for most of us we settle for using spoon and fork rather than attempt to master the art oif using chopsticks, those fiendish implements created by Weight Watchers! Well shame on all of us. In this simple infographic, we've boiled down the techniques of using chopsticks into four basic steps which all of us should be able to cope with. So when you're planning your next Chinese costume party, have a copy of this by the side of your plate and let's get everyone eating again rather than letting the food get cold and throwing most of it will end up back on the plate or all over the tablecloth!

It’s time to party on, and ….eat pancakes on Fat Tuesday!

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Before we get to Easter with it's excesses of gooey – and scrumptious – Easter Eggs brought to us courtesy of the Easter Bunny, we have the joy of Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday and the period of Lent. So before we get into the Lenten days, lets have a little bash called Mardi Gras! Join us at Karnival Costumes as we ready ourselves for Mardi Gras parade beads and masks with the traditional purple, gold and green colours.