St. George’s Day Make sure you “Fly the Flag” On 23rd April

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Patron Saint of England since 1415 and in the past a national holiday, now our own St George has been relegated to a point where we ENGLISH spend more on celebrating the life of St Patrick than we do our own National Saint. Here at Karnival Costumes we think that's sad and we urge every English man, woman and child to take up the challenge of celebrating one of our own -okay we borrowed him, but he's still our national symbol of hope! And if you need assistance, we've lots of costumes, accessories, party goods, glags, bunting and tableware themed to the day.

It’s National Pizza Day!

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Pizza lovers everywhere rejoice when February arrives. Why? Well its because every year on the 9th its National Pizza Day! Celebrated with all kinds be they freshly made or frozen and across the range of pizza styles; stuff crust, thin crust, deep pan they'll be finished with a smorgasbord of toppings including we're sure all of your favourites. With Pizza being everyone's favourite food, its a fail-safe party theme. To help you celebrate, take a look at these fun facts…

Chinese New Year Celebrations – Year of the Rooster

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2017 year of The Rooster from the blog by Karnival Costumes online party shopCelebrated by around one fifth of the world's population, Chinese New Year is truly a global occasion. Some of the statistics behind the celebrations are quite staggering. Did you know for instance that billions of red envelopes known in Manderin as "hang bao" are passed between family members as blessing – the envelopes contain monetary gifts. It's also a day which celebrates the biggest consumption of fireworks.  With the New Year 2017, year of The Rooster about to commence on January 28th there's still time to plan your party, oh, did we mention that the date of Chinese New Year changes annually?  ….read on…

Halloween Party Food – Spider Eggs

Halloween party food Spooky Spider Deviled EggsSpooky Spider Eggs party food idea from Karnival Costumes If you're looking for some easy but spectacular looking Halloween buffet foods, then these Spooky Spider Eggs will be perfect. They are easy to make and we're sure that smaller fingers will want to help create these delicious little monsters, er that's the eggs not your children – but hey, you know them best! Why not try them yourself?

Hawaiian Fancy Dress – 5 Ideas to Make Your Luau Party Successful

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During the summer months, one of the most popular themes for costume parties around the country is Hawaiian fancy dress. The traditional Hawaiian party or Luau is really an obvious theme for a summer barbecue party because outfits are relatively cheap to buy and consequently your guests are more likely going to join in the fun and dress up for the occasion. And if you have a supply of Hawaiian leis or flower garlands, you can make sure everyone joins in anyway!

Piñatas for your Mexican Theme Party

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When you think Mexico the piñata is one of the first things that come to mind. Today, piñatas are enjoyed worldwide for their colour and the promise of the fun and treats to come. Most piñatas are beautiful creations and they can be used equally as well as a party decoration as well as them being a fun game to play. And as they are often used as a party decoration, they usually come into their own as a game towards the end of a party when they get broken open cascading their sweets, small toys and slow fall confetti held inside it.

1980s Fancy Dress Costumes

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As we moved into the nineties we looked back at the eighties with a bit of embarrassment  but now 1980s fancy dress costumes are back in demand because people are looking at the 80s in a very different way! Even a just few years ago the 80s were a bit of a laughing stock and people tried to forget them. Now everything about the 80s has become fashionable again.