Dressing Kinky

I have always been a bit of a quirky dresser, and this started a long time before I joined London escorts. My mom has always been really into fancy dress, so dressing up, or playing dress up, has always been part of my life. But I have to admit that it has never been an obsession. Well, that was before I joined London escorts, and discovered PVC. One of the girls that I work with at London escorts has all of these really amazing PVC outfits, and I am afraid that her obsession became my obsession as well. Now I am totally nuts about PVC and I wear it as often as I can.

Most of the girls here at London escorts do have an obsession or two, and perhaps this is why they work for London escorts. I have never been into obsessions before but now I certainly am. Like my girlfriends at London escorts know, I cannot stop buying PVC outfits and I have a ton of them in my wardrobe. I just love the way PVC feels against my skin, and I love the fact it makes me feel really sensual. My boyfriend likes me outfits as well.

Some of my dates at London escorts think it is a bit weird that I am always dressed in PVC. My regular gents do know that I have fetish about PVC and just can’t stay away from my little treasure trove of outfits that I have bought especially for London escorts. The truth is that a lot of the girls can relate to my PVC fetish and many of them are getting into it as well. Sometimes when we go out for the evening we all dress up in our PVC outfits just to freak some people out. I can look kind of scary in my outfits.

I would like to curve my habit but it is not easy. Like my girlfriends at  charlotte London escorts know, it is probably my only serious fetish. I do have some other fetishes as well, and they also relate to dressing up. For instance, as I am rather petite, I do look really good as Snow White or Cinderella. Yes, I do have both outfits hanging in my London escorts wardrobe and they often come out to play when I am in the mood. It is not that I have a real fetish about them, I just kind of like them.

Perhaps having a few fetishes comes with the territory when you work for London escorts. I don’t mind saying that at all. Many of us girls here at London escorts like to share our fetishes with each other, and if our dates are lucky, we may even share our secret dreams and desires with them. I have a couple of gents who really do appreciate my habit of dressing up and assuming new and exciting personalities whenever they come to see me. So, if you would like to meet Cat Woman in her PVC outfit, maybe you would like to come and see me…

Do you like to play dress up?

Quite a few of my London escorts friends are really into playing dress up. It can make us feel really sexy, and many of our dates like it as well. Mind you, not all of my London escorts friends are into playing dress up but many of them are, it is great fund and we all have our own favorite dress up kits. Personally I like being a Naughty Night Nurse. When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a nurse but for some reason it did not happen and I ended up working as an escort instead. I have to say that I did a fair bit of nursing in that role as well.

My friend Amanda who works for elite London escorts services, likes to dress up as a police woman. Before she joined elite London escorts services she used to work as a strip-o-gram and I suppose it started back then. She has several different outfits that she enjoys wearing and it sounds to me like many of her dates, enjoy seeing her in them. Amanda has a couple of regular dates who like to visit her when she is on Police Woman mood.

Sarah works for premier London escorts services and she is really into playing dress up as well. Her favorite outfit is a French maid outfit that she bought on a trip to France many years ago. It is really pretty and she says that it shows off her stocking tops perfectly. Not all of her dates gets the privilege of seeing Sarah in her out fit but her boyfriend certainly does. From what I understand from Sarah is likes to play dress up himself and loves nothing better than being her strong fireman who rescues London escorts from their burning boudoirs.

Then we have Kim who is from Japan but now works for VIP London escorts, she just loves to dress up as a Japanese Geisha girl and surprise her dates. Her dates do know that they are going to date a Japanese girl, but what they don’t know is that this Japanese girl will give them the full geisha treatment. Her love for dressing up has really paid off for Kim, and she is now one of the more popular VIP London escorts. An hour with her can be a real treat if you fancy a date with a Japanese geisha.

It is indeed a lot of fun to dress up, and the fact is that many chaps also like to dress up. Some of them like to enjoy dress up rituals together with their London escorts, others do it in the privacy of their own homes. My husband thinks that I am a bit nuts but the Naughty Night Nurse have managed to get him excited on several occasions, and I hope that she will continue to delight him in years to come. Sometimes it is just so good to go off and have some fun in adult fantasy land.

Escorts in Outfits

Presently, your chosen London escorts can satisfy the greater part of your most stunning dreams by landing in one of their ensembles. From an underhanded medical caretaker to a sultry secretary, we have the outfit to make your experience significantly more excellent. Simply browse the garments beneath and specially design your optimal London lady! You should do nothing more than tell our assistant your inclination at the time of booking, and we will mastermind your picked London escorts to be dressed simply the path you like her. Kindly note, a £20 extra charge will be appropriate for London escorts in outfits.

French Maid

This outfit will certainly tickle your extravagant. Why not have London escorts go to the greater part of your needs in a charming French group?

This ensemble involves a short, velvety dark ribbon up dress and a frilly white cover; join it with a plume duster and you have a lovable french servant to have a tendency to you. Your London escorts will clean away any webs in your storeroom with this provocative minimal number – dependably a champ.

Police Woman

Have you been an underhanded kid? Your London escorts can come and provide for you the discipline you merit wearing a saucy police lady outfit.

With a police cap, brand, a high contrast checkered secure and catch dress, this ensemble is persuading to such a degree as to have you begging your London escorts for a light sentence. In the event that you’ve been a truly awful kid, she may even cuff you and activity her power!


Calling all men who need to love and comply; this unusual get up will reveal to you who’s in control and abandon you asking your escorts for additional.

The outfit is a dark cowhide, speed up body with a servitude neckline and anchor around the neck to lead your partner where you need her. It unleashes your darker side, whether you’re prevailing or tame. The sides of the ensemble are fishnet and whips are incorporated.

Provocative Secretary

Have you ever fantasised about your right hand? Do extend periods of time in the workplace abandon you feeling disappointed? Simply ask your london escorts to touch base as a hot secretary and she’ll make this arrangement advantageous…

This disgustingly short, pinstripe dress has an adorable desk and comes complete with detachable suspenders and glasses. There are thigh parts and a side zip – your definitive office dream.

Shrewd Nurse Set

Shrewd Nurse Set your heartbeat dashing with this mischievous minimal number; a night with escorts in a medical attendant’s outfit is simply what the specialist requested.

This short, tight, white medical attendants dress accompanies a matching blue crossed cap and a stethoscope so your london escorts can listen to how quick your heart is pulsating when you see this lovely outfit! The diving neck area will raise your temperature, and the dress zips the distance down the front.

Your provocative Massage london escorts will go to your inn in ordinary garments, than after you respect her, she will change to the style you requested like those mentioned above or more diverse outfits. For example Heathrow escorts most popular requests are usually Stewardesses or pilots uniforms. Than you can unwind in your overnight boardinghouse an escorts hot oil rub from a medical attendant, an office woman or what ever you favour.

Sexy Costumes For A Fun Dress Up Ordeal!

At some point or another, the flame of our sex lives lowers to just smoking embers. You can keep that flame roaring by introducing something different in the bedroom. Roleplaying is one of the most popular fetishes that can really spice things up. When roleplaying, it’s important to keep it as realistic as you can. Costumes really help in that department. No matter what your fantasy is there’s a costume out there for you.

The sexy French maid is a classic role to play out. There’s something sexy and seductive about a woman there to service a man. The fun thing about this role-play is you don’t have to play the same role twice. Get into character and decide who you want to be. Are you the innocent, shy maid being pursued? Or you can be a confident, demanding maid that will not stand for a dirty house, giving out spankings as punishment. Whatever role you play out, find a costume that makes you feel as amazing as you look.

Another costume that really gets their blood pumping is the sexy cop. One thing is for sure, there’s definitely something hot about being bad. To pull this role-play off, you need to be confident about your authority. Don’t be afraid to be a little rough. Slap the handcuffs on and secure your suspect. Bed posts are handy in that way. When playing this role out, be creative about where it goes. Maybe you dominate him and show him who’s boss. Maybe he gets the better of you and you find yourself in handcuffs instead. Either way finding a good costume will go a long way to making his fantasy a reality.

For some people, nothing is hotter than a roll in the hay with a sexy farm girl. A farm girl knows how to get dirty and she’s not afraid to do so. This costume can be made easily with just some daisy dukes and a tied up plaid shirt. Play the innocent farm girl out in the middle of nowhere. Sure you can wrangle cattle but you need someone there when you get lonely. He can play your strong man that pulls you into the barn and cools you down. Keep this fantasy real by lighting candles and keeping the windows open. Or go out into the country and get it on in a field.

When finding costumes for your role-play, don’t forget accessories! It can make all the difference when creating a fantasy. Handcuffs, feather dusters or a riding crop can enhance the experience and really bring your chosen costumes to life.